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Pepr helps IT Ops teams of all skill levels manage and modify resources in a Kubernetes (K8s) cluster using easy to read and write configuration modules.

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Replace manual IT Ops checklists with code

Pepr makes it easy for you to be the subject matter expert of your own domain.

Create Robust Policy Engines

Codify security policy into corrective Pepr modules that can identify and remediate risk through automatic enforcement of K8s best practices.

Seamlessly Connect Applications

Automate the integration of mission capabilities into complex systems with Pepr modules that are reusable across multiple systems.

K8s Scripts

Remove the need for human intervention when issues arise in the cluster or application by using Pepr modules to remediate the event.

Writing K8s Configurations has never been simpler

With Pepr you can create configuration scripts using a simple and expressive syntax that can be easily read and understood.

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Kubernetes Middleware
Made for Humans

Typesafe YAML

Never have to guess if your YAML is valid again with built-in validation.

Fluent Interface

Use plain English to configure your Kubernetes controller.

Full K8s Library

No need to bring K8s nouns, get access the full K8s api in-line.

Precise Control
over K8s Clusters

Mutate: Dynamically modify incoming resource configurations to adhere to system security policy.
Validate: Enforce strict validation rules, preventing the deployment of resources that don't meet defined criteria.
Watch: Enable rapid responses to updates and help maintain desired cluster states.
Pepr's simplified flow chart

Get Started with Pepr

Start creating your first Pepr module in just three easy steps.

# Initialize new Pepr module
$ npx pepr init
# Skip if you already have a local K8s cluster running
$ npm run k3d-setup
# Start playing with Pepr!
$ npx pepr dev

Install Ready to Use Pepr Modules with NPM


Streamline the creation of Gateways, virtual services, and sidecars throughout your application fleet using @pepr/istio automation.


Enhance reliability and monitor SLOs and SLAs by automating the setup and configuration of Service Monitors and Destination Rules.


Effortlessly fortify, authenticate, and authorize your application's endpoints providing access control for services with this Pepr module.

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